ContiSportContact™ 2

CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 2

The Continental ContiSportContact 2 is a Max Performance Summer tire that was developed to meet the needs of the drivers of powerful sports cars, sports coupes and luxury sedans. The ContiSportContact 2 features Continental's bionic* contour and bionic* compound technology to enhance braking and handling as well as resistance to hydroplaning. While the ContiSportContact 2 is intended to eventually replace the original ContiSportContact, the original ContiSportContact is expected to remain available in selected sizes for some time.

On the outside, the ContiSportContact 2 features a bionic tread compound technology that is based on nature. The design of a spider's web -- which is both elastic and stable -- was used for the first time in the creation of a tire compound that is both flexible and firm. The bionic tread compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that enhances steering response and steering precision while the tire's continuous ribs provide the circumferential stiffness to transmit drive and braking forces. The continuous circumferential tread grooves between the ribs help disperse water to resist hydroplaning. Internally, the ContiSportContact 2 tire features Continental's "Advanced Mold Contour" (AMC), which allows the tire to become wider during braking to help shorten stopping distances. The ContiSportContact 2 features twin steel belts reinforced by nylon to stabilize the tread area and enhance handling as well as high-speed capability.

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